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Tayrona National Park

+57 320 921 5393

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"We are the official hotel of Tayrona National Park"


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Km 34 Troncal del Caribe, Via La Guajira, Santa Marta. - Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona

Km 34 Troncal del Caribe, Via La Guajira, Santa Marta. - Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona

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RNT: 118451

+57 320 921 5393

+57 320 921 5393

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An obligatory step to visit the park, 1 hour from the main entrance to El Zaino and one hour from Cabo San Juan.

After a tour through the nature of the Tayrona Park you will find a unique experience in the middle of nature with 3 exclusive superior campsites. It has exclusive amenities such as a double bed and two single beds, a living room, board games, a fan and a drinks cellar. The upper campsite is perfect for camping with a group of friends or with the family.

What would you like to live a beautiful unique accommodation experience, in a natural setting to contemplate the beautiful landscapes, enjoy the diversity of flora and fauna of this beautiful region together with the cultural history of the Tayrona National Natural Park.

We design clean and comfortable spaces for showers and use of shared bathrooms, as well as you can enjoy our services as a restaurant, which offers breakfast included, lunch and dinner a la carte, all typical of the region.

We also offer a bar service, ideal for enjoying drinks and snacks. And if what you prefer is security at the reception you can request the security box service.

Do not miss the opportunity to stay in a thousand-star hotel along with the lullaby of the sea waves in Playa Arrecifes.

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The hotel has a restaurant with typical food from the region, massage service, a hanging bed

Tents maximum 4 people

Shared bathrooms and showers

Food & Beverage Service

Glamping type tent with 6 meters in diameter.

Living room, outdoor dining room, fan.

WiFi in common areas



You must arrive before 4 PM at the Zaino entrance of Tayrona Park to arrive before 5 PM at the hotel and check in.

Our WiFi service is available in common areas.