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Tayrona National Park

+57 320 921 5393

"We are the official hotel of Tayrona National Park"


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Km 34 Troncal del Caribe, Via La Guajira, Santa Marta. - Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona

Km 34 Troncal del Caribe, Via La Guajira, Santa Marta. - Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona

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+57 320 921 5393

+57 320 921 5393

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Santa Marta -Colombia

"We are the official hotel of Tayrona National Park"

The Tayrona National Natural Park, with its diversity in Flora and Fauna and with more than 15,000 hectares along the Caribbean coast of Santa Marta, is home to the most beautiful beaches in Santa Marta. Among them, Playa Cañaveral and Playa Arrecifes stand out, where our hotel is located. Aside from its lush vegetation, the park is rich in cultural history, as it was home to the ancient Tayrona tribes who roamed the land long before the arrival of the Spanish settlers. It offers you to live the most wonderful experience you have ever had surrounded by this beautiful natural jewel.

You must keep in mind that since 2020 it was decreed that the park will be closed for 45 days a year, distributed in 3 cycles, which will apply from February 1 to 15, June 1 to 15 and from October 19 to 02. November, this so that the 4 Indigenous Peoples who live in the park perform rituals of gratitude, cleaning, and payments according to their beliefs.

Before starting your walk to Cañaveral. The beach or Arrecifes, after the vehicle parking site or the arrival of minibuses, you will find a kiosk with refreshing drinks and casual food and fast food to take away during your tour, or if you are going to stay in a camping or hammocks you will find items that They will help you to have a better stay and replenish your energies.

BY AIR: Simón Bolívar Santa Marta Airport: National and international destination: you can fly from the main cities such as Bogotá, Cali, Medellín, Cartagena, Barranquilla among others with airlines such as Avianca, LATAM Airlines, Viva Air from Central America and the Caribbean with international airlines such as Turkish Airlines, Wingo

TAXI: From the Simón Bolívar Airport in Santa Marta you can take a taxi which has an approximate cost of $130,000 COP, the journey lasts 45 to 50 minutes which is destined for the main entrance of the ZAINO park.

BY LAND: At the Santa Marta Transport Terminal, you have different routes depending on the city of origin. Tour hours may vary. As are Barranquilla 2 hours, Cartagena 4 hours, Medellín and Bogotá 16 hours approximately; once you are there you can take a taxi to the public market street 12 with kra 9, from this place buses leave every 15 minutes to the Tayrona National Natural Park, which has an approx value. $8,000 COP per person, when getting on the bus you must indicate that they leave you at the entrance of the ZAINO park.

PRIVATE TAXI: From Barranquilla / Riohacha: You can take this service from these cities of origin which costs approximately $300,000 COP to the Park.

RODADERO & TAGANGA:  This option is by boat, you will avoid going to Santa Marta. This journey by sea lasts 50 minutes, it goes to Cabo San Juan beach. Do not forget that the ticket must be negotiated before taking the service. From this beach to Arrecifes beach along the ecological path it takes approximately 30 minutes.


✔    Identification documents and a valid health insurance

✔    Comfortable and fresh clothing that covers arms and legs due to the presence of branches and insects in the pedestrian paths 

✔    Comfortable tennis shoes (for long walks)

✔    Hat, cap, cap to cover the head from the sun

✔    Sunscreen, repellent sunglasses

✔    Personal first aid kit 

✔    Light luggage such as a small backpack is recommended

✔    Lantern

✔    Guns

✔    Speakers

✔    Single use plastic containers 


✔    Hiking enjoy walking along the 2 main trails, one from Playa Cañaveral to Playa Arrecifes, which takes approximately 1 hour and is called the Kogui Trail or Knowledge Route.

✔    Path 2 that is from Cañaveral - Arrecifes - Cabo San Juan which takes 2 hours to go and 2 hours to return without making stops.


✔    If you are interested in visiting wildlife, the PNNT is the ideal place since the park has a diversity of mammals such as the Titi Monkey, deer, ocelots and the beautiful Jaguar. Reptiles such as iguanas, lizards, turtles, and the alligator needle as well as different species of insects of your interest.

✔    Flora the park along its paths has different species of plants, green and beautiful trees as well as being characteristic for its orchids, areas, mosses at all times of the year.


✔  Colombia is one of the most attractive countries for bird watching enthusiasts. so the park is a perfect destination for observing them since here we find several species among them, the White Eagle, the Paujil, the Tayrona Bird or the Poor Bull, the Guacharaca, the Gallinazo King and the Flycatcher.


✔    Due to its natural wealth, it is very attractive to carry out research on the nature of the place, in addition to having activities of institutions and others that carry out eco-tourism talks about the place, also educating its visitors for the care and conservation of it.


✔    Due to the majestic beauty of the park, in addition to its beautiful beaches, there are unique settings for its practice, you just have to keep in mind that if these are for commercial purposes, you must have prior authorization from National Parks


✔    This can be done autonomously under certain criteria of responsibility, however the service is also offered in Taganga in Diving schools


✔    This is only done under the supervision of experienced guides for which specific sites in the park have been demarcated, such as Playa Cristal and the Tayrona Natural Pool.

● Make campfires

● Throwing lit cigarette butts as it can cause a fire

● Carry out garbage burning

● Enter the park some type of flammable material

● Make felling of trees, or cuts to the flora of the place

● Capture any animal species from the park

● Give food to the animal species in the park


The PNNT has more than 34 beaches but not all of them are suitable for bathing, we will tell you about the 8 most visited and preferred beaches by tourists.

These are reached by entering the main entrance of the ZAINO

●    It is the first beach that you will find when entering the Zaino, it is ideal to visit for its beautiful landscapes and ocean views, it is located east of Playa Cañaveral.

●    You will find the option of luxury accommodation in the Ecohabs, Restaurant, Jacuzzi, Turkish. On this beach, due to its high waves, there is only one area called the little pool enabled to enter the sea.
● You also have camping and restaurant and drinks service.

●    It is the widest beach in the Tayrona National Natural Park after walking about 45 minutes from Cañaveral, it is a wild and beautiful beach with a beautiful view of the sea. In this you will find the option of accommodation in cabins, camping and hammock as well as restaurant service.

●    It is 5 minutes from the reef beach, with calm waters, and a beautiful environment accompanied by beautiful rocks where you can bathe in peace.


●    On this beach it is ideal to practice the Careteo since it is the quietest beach, and with the most crystalline waters of the place in addition to its strategic location between Arrecifes beach and Cabo San Juan

●    Half an hour from the reefs is Cabo San Juan de Guia beach, the most visited and photographed beach in the PNNT, it has two beautiful bays to bathe in the sea as well as beautiful unique landscapes to see and remember.


●    It is a small path from Cabo San de Guia, it is a small one with strong waves but it is quite lonely, that is why they call it nudist where you can be calm and without the presence of so many visitors.